What information do I get when I buy company marketing data?


When a company registers at Companies House, they have to provide certain details and those details go onto the public register so that any one with an interest in that company can see where their registered office address is, which directors are involved in the company etc. By definition, the only information we can provide relates to details that go onto the public register.  The service that we provide is to process the 50,000+ companies that get formed every month, on a daily basis, allowing you to filter based on geography, business type, number of directors, plus a host of others, including the ability to filter out the mail forwarding companies that some companies use


After you have identified your targeted range of companies, we supply a CSV file, which stands for Comma Separated Values which allows you to import the data we provide into any major spreadsheet such as Excel, Google Sheets etc

Attached is a sample file allowing you to confirm the format before purchase


Sample-CompanyData-File.csv Sample-CompanyData-File.csv

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