I've had a rejected company formation submission....


If you have submitted a company and it has been rejected by Companies House, firstly don't panic !


Sometimes they can literally press the wrong button and reject a company when it should have been accepted but most times there is some issue to resolve. If you cannot identify where the problem is and would like some help, please drop us a support ticket or get in touch. 

Most times the problem relates to associating the wrong answer with the wrong question on the personal authentication questions (the replacement for a signature). Quite often customers with problems in this area have selected "First Three letters of Mothers Maiden Name" and then provided 96A as the answer (which would have been last 3 digits of National Insurance number). In many browsers, if you are currently selecting a drop down item, the mouse scroll wheel will often control the selection of the item. You provide the  three values for national insurance number and then move to the drop down box to change the value to say National Insurance, and then you use the scroll wheel to move down the page, but instead of moving down the page, it changes the selected item in the drop down. You don't realise this and so you click elsewhere on the page and scroll down and get to where you wanted to be without realising you have changed the question associated with your answer.


If the rejection is for something more serious, such as a clash of company names, its possible to change the company name. There are a few areas - such as sensitive information documentation that currently is not available for you to modify once you have submitted the company, so in this case you would need to send it to support@mobunti.co.uk (or log a ticket in this Customer Care area)  stating which company it relates to and we would apply the document and resubmit for you


We don't charge for resubmissions back to Companies House. Whilst we would want to investigate the problem if you had more than 2 resubmissions, you can log in and resubmit every time its rejected if you desire, for no additional cost.

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