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Despite Blackberry having a role in the mobile market a few years ago, Android and Apple are the dominant players now. Android uses the industry standard Java technology and Apple uses its development system called XCode. This means that if you are looking to target both platforms you have to develop the same system twice with two different programming languages. The solution is a system called Cordova. Cordova is a system which allows a developer to use technologies that are supported on both platforms - specifically HTML, CSS and Javascript (the classic components of a web page). Using this as a central system to share code between both systems, Cordova then allows access to functionality on the phone such as the camera, the GPS, the contacts database and allows the resulting system to be compiled for use in both Android and Apple systems. This means that with careful coding, both platforms can be developed simultaneously. Its important to understand that it is not just a "website as an app". Whilst there are some restrictions as to the type of app (you probably wouldnt develop complex games for example) but business related apps can usually be coded successfully to work on both platforms.

So how does it work?

Usually you will have a web site with data. Whether that be product data or informational data. We would then develop the app to talk to your online data and display it within the app. Payment wise, we add in Paypal services. People using mobiles want quick and easy access to payment services and we find that Paypal provides that - they also provide a plug in that works with both Android and Apple Cordova systems for much easier integration

What are the costs?

Every job is unique. Unless you want the app to be registered in our name in the relevant play store, there are costs involved in maintaining licences for app stores. Currently Apple charge $100 per year and Google charge a one off cost of £25. The actual cost of the job will depend on what is required but jobs usually start around £5,000+VAT for both Android and Apple versions of an app and the costs usually don't exceed £20,000 as a system this large may not be ideal for a Cordova system. There is also a yearly support fee which is a percentage of the app price. The reason for this support fee is that both Android and Apple are constantly updating their operating systems and this can affect apps that are developed. If we develop an app that works with Apple ios 8.5 and then they release ios 9 and suddenly the app no longer works because they have changed an element of the operating system, you will expect us to fix the incompatibility but the change wasnt under our control and so it is chargeable. Given both ios and Android get updated fairly frequently, we feel the support fee is the right solution.

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