Change of Name

From TCM to Mobunti

The Company Merchant Limited

We are a small company who provide a variety of services for accountants, solicitors, small businesses, etc. We chose the name of The Company Merchant because primarily we provide a service of forming limited companies for the accounting industry.

Even though we've always been a technical company, over the years we have expanded into area such as

  • ad-hoc Pay as You Go Anti Money Laundering Identity checks, mainly for accountants, solicitors and estate agents;
  • Postcode lookup services to allow small business websites to get access to the Royal Mail formatted addresses rather than a user supplied address for better accuracy;
  • credit card payment processing for websites;
  • Distance calculations between 2 postcodes for geographical mapping,
  • and data-based website development for new and existing businesses.

Then a couple of accountants asked if we could source a list of newly formed companies close to their offices for marketing purposes and so we branched into that too. Again, a "data related" business task. Because the business is bigger than just forming companies, we felt that whilst we wanted to keep the brand of The Company Merchant, it is confusing for customers who use our Postcode Lookups or ID checks etc to be dealing with a company called The Company Merchant, so it was time to choose a new name

We wanted something generic - after all, The Company Merchant falls down because it is too specific, however going for a generic name means that if someone searches for us in Google they are likely to find thousands of pages on other topics rather than finding us.

So, we needed a short-ish name ( is a mouthful!!) that has no connotations to anything else, so if someone searches for it online, they are likely to find us and only us.

A few years ago, when the likes of Trivago, Jacamo, Marisota and others started advertising on TV, we registered a few names for stock companies along a similar line. One was Gojangi and the other was Mobunti. In themselves they were just random series of vowels and consonants but with the internet running out of names that dont tread on other people's toes, there appear to be more and more advertising on TV recently that do seem to have done precisely that. Mobunti struck a chord. Even though it was randomly chosen, it met the criteria of a short name, and being made up, a search for Mobunti on Google will pretty much only bring up Mobunti based information and it also happens to stand for Making Opportunities for Business Using New Technology and Innovation. We decided to name our in-house web site software "Mobunti" 4 years ago and given that we are now also developing mobile apps and responsive websites for the massive tablet and mobile market, it vaguely described a "Mobile Unity" situation where mobile is of paramount importance in business today.

And for our company formations customers, we are keeping the trading name of The Company Merchant - so stays exactly as it was, with "The Company Merchant" branding, and you can still log in at Mobunti and then go through to the formations website.

So thats the story. Its not a company merge, we haven't been taken over. Its still the same company as it was, just with a shorter name. We still do all the things we did before. Nothing has changed (other than our letterheads and a refreshed website !).

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