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Newly Formed Companies…

There are many businesses where getting in touch with a newly formed company shortly after they have registered as a new business is the best marketing strategy.

  • Accountants, book keepers etc
  • Commercial leasing (kitchen equipment etc)
  • Bespoke software - such as dedicated recruitment software for the recruitment industry
  • Letterheads, business cards, logos, web site development
  • Virtual or physical office services, telephony
  • Business insurance

We provide low cost, low quantity marketing to allow you to dip a toe into the water without a large investment in time or money.

So, what about GDPR?

GDPR relates to personally identifiable data. We DO NOT provide a director's home address to write to. We provide the address they have chosen to be their registered office address (on public record) and they expect to receive business post to. We are aware that some companies use a mail forwarding service, so we have developed technologies to filter out the majority of them if required.

We can supply a director name for you to write to as well if you feel that the marketing you are carrying out is under the 'legitimate interest' guidelines of the GDPR, but you also have the option of using 'FAO: The director' or 'Dear Sir or Madam' if you would prefer. Telephone numbers and email addresses are not provided - partly for GDPR reasons, but also these are 'new companies' and so are very likely to be looking for new internet domain names and business phone lines and so won't have them yet anyway.

What our customers say....

“Thanks to the data service Mobunti provide, we have launched a successful postal mailer that gets our brand out to our ideal target audience as soon as they start their customer journey.

With the option of having data daily, we are able to utilise this as it comes in and send out our mail campaign multiple times throughout the week, helping us to be proactive. The format of the data provided is really clear and prompt, therefore it’s easy for us to load it into our campaign without any reformatting, saving us time each day.”

Julie Boden, Marketing Manager, Flo Backoffice Solutions

We are a data filtering service. You can identify companies in particular industries or particular areas of the country, formed within a set time frame etc. You can carry out as many free counts of the data as you want, until you are happy with the quantity, then simply pay 15 pence per company (minimum 100). No contracts, just pay for what you use. If your marketing is adhoc, then you can come to us every few months and get a small batch of records, or if you are more structured, we can provide you with an automated daily export. It's your choice. We are here to help you. Just give us a call on 01527 518 555 or use our help system to get in touch.

Companies Formed Per Month

Newly Formed Companies


GDPR Compliance

We provide a filtering service, giving you access to the newly registered companies lists of Companies House in the UK. We supply the registered office addresses of the newly registered companies and it is a requirement of the Companies Act for a limited company to be contactable at their registered office address. The only element that relates to GDPR is the selection of a director. There are several legal grounds for getting in touch with someone specific within the GDPR. Whilst one of them is "informed consent", where someone opts in to receive marketing, that is obviously not possible with a newly formed company. However, that is not the only grounds for processing. Another is 'legitimate interest'. You are selecting companies based on either categories or geography and will have identified this subset of companies as having a legitimate interest in your services.

If you are mailing people without a potential legitimate interest in your mailing (i.e. if you sell bouncy castles and you are targeting every company on the register - from solicitors to software developers) then that is unlikely to be under the legitimate interest grounds - but you can simply choose to not receive the director details as part of your export if that is the case. However if you are an accountant targeting newly formed local companies, or you make industrial ovens and are targeting restaurants, then in our opinion, that sounds like legitimate interest, but ultimately, you know what marketing content you are sending out.

We provide you with the tools to filter the data on public record at Companies House to allow you to have access to the data but we cannot control what you actually post out to them

About the process

Newly Formed Companies

Newly Formed Companies

Accountants, website designers, letterhead makers, telephony services. Contact potential customers before anyone else

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If you know you want to write to new companies but not sure how to break it down, we analyse the data for you to give you some ideas.

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Newly formed companies. The ideal solution for your business marketing.

New company registrations, as soon as they are formed, in areas of your choosing, based on a distance from your postcode or particular postcodes and filtered based on director details, record counts and more ...and all with no commitment - whether you want 150 records every couple of months or 45,000 every month.

Newly Formed Companies

free counts

Easy to use wizard with free counts.

No need to register to find out how many companies your request may select. Minimum order of just 100 records and they don't have to all be used at once if your selection only picks 17 records for example. Come back and use the other 83 later on.

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Get name and address. Instantly.

A named director, company name and registered office address are provided. Filter geographically and even target companies where its only a one director company and that director is between the ages of 16 and 25 for example.

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