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Low cost packages


FREE Counts of available data

Before you decide to purchase, you can apply your required filter and identify how many companies match your criteria FREE OF CHARGE. No need to register or make payment to see how many records might be selected. Once you've identified how many companies are available, the system will offer the available pricing options dependent on your method of delivery and quantity. When you are ready, we supply a director name, the company number, the company name, the date of incorporation and the registered office address along with whichever SIC codes (categories) the company has registered under

Note: A telephone number and email addresses are not provided as these are not supplied by the company when they register their company details with Companies House and so they are not available - no company can provide these details. However, with the GDPR rules now, we think you'd have a hard time finding lists of opted in telephone numbers or email addresses - and remember, all those lists you bought before 25th May 2018 are useless afterwards if they haven't specifically opted in - whereas you have to be able to write to a company at its registered office address.

You can get data in two ways. Either Pay as you go or automated feed.

Pay as you go pricing

You can use our website on an ad-hoc basis - coming back once every now and then to buy data as and when you need it. This is what we call Pay as you go. You simply buy the number of company records that you find in the system based on your requirements. If you find 823 companies, then you pay for 823 companies. The more companies you buy, the cheaper they are in total. We do have a minimum order requirement of 50 records purely to cover our costs for card handling, database updating etc. If your selection picks, for example 29 companies, then you buy the 50 record pack and use the 29 as part of this purchase, leaving 21 for you to come back to use later on - either limiting yourself to just supply the 21 records or use them up as part of a larger purchase.


£15 +VAT
  • This is our starter pack
  • 50 companies
  • 30p+VAT each
  • Can use on multiple visits


25p per company
  • 51 - 500 companies
  • 25p +VAT each
  • Pay as you go
  • No commitment


20p per company
  • 501 - 2000 companies
  • 20p +VAT each
  • Pay as you go
  • No commitment


15p per company
  • 2001 - 5000 companies
  • Just 15p+VAT each
  • Pay as you go
  • No commitment

Automated daily or weekly service

The automated service allows you to receive newly formed companies either daily or weekly automatically. You simply buy a package of records which get called off over the following days, weeks or months until you have used the package. i.e Purchase a package of 500 records on a daily feed and maybe you will get 12 one day and maybe 17 the next and 14 the next until all 500 have been delivered. All with No further commitment. We do not auto renew your service but instead allow you to come back and purchase another package when you are getting low if you want to


£50 200 companies
  • This is our starter pack
  • 200 companies
  • 25p+VAT each
  • No time limit


£100 500 companies
  • 500 companies
  • 20p +VAT each
  • No time limit
  • Most Popular


£3002000 companies
  • 2000 companies
  • 15p +VAT each
  • No time limit
  • Great Value


£800 All Companies
  • 4 week pass
  • All companies formed
  • Usually 45 - 55,000
  • Effectively about 1.5p per company

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