Packages and Prices

Low cost packages


FREE Counts of available data

Before you decide to purchase, you can apply your required filter and identify how many companies match your criteria FREE OF CHARGE. No need to register or make payment to see how many records might be selected. Once you've identified how many companies are available, you can choose to buy the required number of companies there and then.

For corporate users, or customers wanting to purchase more than 5,000 company credits at once, please call us for pricing.

For anything under 5,000 credits, we have a flat rate for company credits.

15 of these little copper discs

We couldn't make the pricing any easier! However many companies you want, simply multiply by 15p and add the VAT and that is what you pay! (minimum purchase 100 credits - £15+VAT)

Adhoc, One Off jobs

You can use our website on an ad-hoc basis - coming back once every now and then to buy data as and when you need it. This is what we call an adhoc, one off job. When you run a count, you are told how many companies match your filter and you get to purchase that exact amount of companies (or fewer if you don't want as many as have been selected). There is a minimum number of credits to purchase, which is 100 but other than that you can purchase as many or as few as you need.

If you find 823 companies, then you pay for 823 companies. If your selection picks, for example 79 companies, then you buy 100 credits, for £15+VAT and use the 79 as part of this export, leaving 21 for you to come back to use later on - either limiting the second export to just supply the 21 companies or add to them to make up a larger purchase.

Automated daily or weekly service

The automated service allows you to receive newly formed companies either daily or weekly automatically. You simply decide what the filter is that you want to apply, decide how many company credits to purchase and they are called off over the following days, weeks or months until you have used the credits up. Each email you receive with data tells you how many credits you have left so you can come back and top up as you need to. When your credits are finished, you have no further commitment. We do not tie you into any contracts. You choose how many you want to buy. You choose whether you want to top up when you are running low. We do not auto renew your service - as that would make it feel like an ongoing contract. How simple is that ? E.g You identify a filter that looks like it might give you about 20 companies per day, or 100 per week. You want the system to run unhindered for a few weeks so you purchase 300 credits for £45+VAT and each day the credits decrease until you get close to running out and then you decide to purchase some more.

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