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Recently Formed Company Filtering

Classification Code Filtering

When a company is registered, until July 2016, no indication was given as to what type of business it was - whether its an accountancy business, a builders yard or a tattoo parlour etc. However this changed in July 2016 and now, companies provide the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code at time of formation. For the first time ever, its now possible to target a company based on its company type. However there are also many other ways to filter the data of newly formed companies. We analyse the availability of companies by SIC daily so that you can get a quick overview without having to set up a filter to find out. But remember, our filtering counts are free - you only pay when you want to export the data, and filters allow you to combine lots of elements, such as "any company within these 6 SIC codes, who are within 50 mile radius of my office and who only have 1 director" so you can target your legitimate interest requirements quite tightly if needed.

Recently formed companies by classification (type of business)


The main filters, other than the SIC are geographical. Whilst you may be a business selling to anywhere in the UK, it can be good to get in touch with local new businesses. Being able to say "we are only just down the road from you so we are your local supplier of this product" can be a great selling point. Once you have proven your marketing is working locally, you can increase it to bigger areas. You can filter by specifying a distance from a postcode (it doesnt have to be your postcode - if you are in Portsmouth but want to target the outskirts of Manchester, use an online search engine like Google to find any shop in a town you are looking for and use that postcode as the basis of your inclusion

If you don't want to target by postcode, you can choose to base your initial criteria on the partial postcode - either the letters at the start of the postcode, such as B for Birmingham, CF for Cardiff etc, or include the first level of numbers, so B1, B2, B3 for example. Or you can select every company in Scotland (often around a 100 per day), Northern Ireland (often less than 50 per day) or "England and Wales" (usually in excess of 2000 per day and sometimes in excess of 3000 per day).

When someone says that over 2000 companies get formed every day, or around 500,000 per year, its hard to associate that with areas of the country. You might think they are all in London. We do a snapshot every day of company formations based on the first letters of the postcode (i.e. B for Birmingham, M for Manchester, CF for Cardiff etc of where the registered office address is held. This might give you some thoughts as to the usefulness of geographical filtering.

Recently formed companies by region

Address Profile

We analyse the address of every company formed, and, despite the variation in how people can write out their address, we identify a general count of how many active companies are at the same address. This gives you the ability, should you require, to filter out registered office provision services who may have hundreds or thousands of companies at the same address.

Age of Company

Even though we refer to our system as a 'newly formed companies' system, we do in fact hold over 4 million companies online so you can export companies from 12 months ago for example if you wanted to.

Occupation Based Filtering

OK, so that's the geographical side and that's the primary selection process, but after this you can provide further filters.

Sometimes you may not be interested in the type of company but the type of person. If you want to be able to target directors who are Web Developers, regardless of the type of company, you can. Or maybe Chef's or Human Resources people etc. When a company is formed and directors are appointed, they specify their occupation and you can filter on it. Note that the director types in their own occupation - it is not selected from a list so there are often different ways of referring to the same occupation

Age Based Filtering

Directors are required to give their date of birth when they are appointed. You may well offer a service where you think there would be a generally higher take up of your product with either a younger or older directorship. Note that due to data protection, we only know the month and year of birth, not the day, so ages are worked out based on the 1st day of the month

Nationality Filtering

Directors provide their nationality when being appointed and quite quickly after our site refresh in November 2015 we were asked if we could provide this filter. It is an ideal filter if the service you provide offers language translation services - i.e. you are an accountant with several Mandarin capable employees, you may want to get in touch with companies where a director is Chinese

Country Of Residence Filtering

When directors provide their home address, they also provide their country of residence, and quite quickly after our site refresh in November 2015 we were asked if we could provide this filter. Useful if a service you provide targets companies with overseas directors as they may not be as aware of the UK Companies Act. (Note: You are still writing to the UK registered office, not to the director overseas). This service is idea if your provide business support services to companies that may have one or more overseas directors and can be combined with our "single director filter" so that you can contact companies where there is only one director and that director is overseas.

Company Structure

The majority of companies formed in the UK every day are "Limited By Shares" companies - effectively commercial entities. However there are different types of company - Partnerships - often used with accountancy firms for example, Limited by Guarantee, where its a not-for-profit company, PLC is a Public Limited Company etc..

Company Name Based Filtering

Prior to July 2016 we couldn't filter by company category as it was not provided. The only way you could filter was by company name. However we have still kept the name filter in because it can still be useful. Often, the type of company is held within the company name - Joe Bloggs Builders, Freds Flowers, Antony's Accountants etc. Sometimes there are variations on a word as well. Accounting, Accountants, Accountancy, Accountant, Accounts etc. So you can either look for an entire word, or part of a word, so looking for "ACCOUNT" as a partial word would pick up all these companies. Be careful though, because PUB as a partial word might pick up Freds Portable Public Conveniences but a full word search would pick the Star and Garter Pub and you could add a second full word phrase of "PUBLIC HOUSE" without getting public conveniences.

As you can see, there is a variety of ways you can target recently formed companies - whether its in your town, within a 75 mile radius of your postcode, or nationally. These statistics just give you a flavour of some result sets you could work out. You can mix and match the filters - applying a geographical filter to restrict the area and then apply one of the other filters to restrict the filter even further. You can easily copy a filter (duplicate it) so if you want to set up multiple filters, you can set one up and then copy it and edit the copy to add or remove a filter item.

Newly Formed Companies

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