Newly registered business marketing by postal mail

Newly formed companies marketing by postal mail

Postal Mail

Postal mail marketing is a great way to target new customers and our newly registered companies wizard is a great way to find the recently formed companies that you are looking for, but when you have selected the companies and we've emailed you the file, you then need to do the mail merging, printing, folding, posting, sticking envelopes, sticking stamps and get them all to the Post Office.

The odd few are fine. If you start doing more than a few hundred it can cost a lot in your own time or in labour costs, ink, stationery etc. But what's the alternative ?

There are companies who can do it all for you!

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Whilst there are several companies out there providing the service, we've trialled a few and found CFH Docmail to provide an excellent level of support and the quality of their product, in our eyes was the best we'd tried. They are the company we now use for our mailings. We also agree with their company values of integrity, passion, honesty and equality as they align with ours.

We've spoken to them and arranged a special Mobunti only deal. Firstly they will add a £10 credit onto your account for coming via us but more importantly they won't charge extra if the address doesn't quite match the Royal Mail Postcode Address File. This is something that most companies charge. If the address you are writing to doesn't quite match what Royal Mail have on file for the location then companies will usually charge an additional 10p per item to cover the extra processing. CFH Docmail have waived this for us. When a director enters their registered office address into a company formation process, they won't always get the address matching exactly as Royal Mail have it, especially if the company formation agent doesn't have an address lookup service (although most of them do get it pretty spot on!). But if you have say 10% of addresses that don't quite match, that can add a fair bit to a mailing bill. That won't happen with CFH Docmail.

We get no income whatsoever from you making use of the CFH Docmail services. We do not get a referral fee or any kind of residual income from your use. We are not affiliated with CFH Docmail Limited and have no financial involvement whatsoever. If you choose to use Docmail for your mailing needs then it is on the basis that you are happy with the service that they provide when you try them. If you try them out, then our offer has served its purpose of being able to help provide a full solution of both supplying the data and giving you a means in which you can do your mailing easily.

We recommend using some of the free credit you get to send mailings to yourself so that you can be sure the mailing is suitable for your needs, and, if you don't like it, whilst they (and we) would love to know what the problem was, you are free to find any other provider and use them. You are in no way tied to using CFH Docmail with our service. The files we produce can be mail merged with Word/Excel on your office PC just as easily as with CFH Docmail.

Obviously we also can't provide support on their behalf either. They have a great support team so if you have any problems, please get in touch with them. They will be able to solve your problems.

When you are ready, make sure you use the link below to register with them otherwise you won't get the benefits (although if you sign up and find you don't have the benefits, get in touch with them and ask for the Mobunti package and they can add it manually afterwards). You can have a browse round their website at but remember to register with the button below.

Register with CFH Docmail Now Go To The Newly Formed Companies Wizard

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