Company Marketing

Postal Marketing Data

Whether you are an accountant, looking to market to newly formed companies in your area, or you provide kitchen equipment to hotels, or recruitment software to new recruitment agencies, postal marketing to newly formed companies solves the problem of getting a brand new prospect to know about your business at the right time. Over 50,000 new UK companies get formed every month on average. Filter geographically and by industry type, targeting as little as 100 companies.Pay As You Go Service. No contract.

Company Formations

Professional Services for Accountants and Solicitors

End User formation systems have to be very "retail" oriented. We only provide services to accountants and solicitors, so we provide a lean, cost effective submission system, targeted towards what professionals in their practice are looking for. If you are registered under the Money Laundering Regulations (either through a regulatory body or HMRC), then we offer a no fuss service that allows you to form companies quickly without any retail-style distractions. You can receive "email only" packages, or use our unbranded postal packs, to hand straight to your customer, saving you time and printing costs.

Identity Checks

Adhoc Money Laundering ID Checks

Thousands of companies have a need to carry out ID checks on an occasional basis and minimum usage contracts provided by some companies are a pain! You can dip into our checks as and when required, whether you need to use them daily or every 6 months. Credit Screens and HR checks available too. Pay as you go money laundering verification from just £3.99+VAT with NO CONTRACT

Postcode Lookups

Make your order forms easier

Want to make it easy for your customers to provide their address on your contact and order forms ? Simple integration using our jQuery and PHP examples or your web developer can integrate directly for a custom build

Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

For over 25 years we have been supplying software for businesses, including vehicle registration dealers, integration to the DVLA unsold registrations, bespoke registration management software, integration with Royal Mail postcode data, and subcontracting to development houses or customers who just need a little extra technical help

Help and Support

We are only a phone call away

Need some help? Sometimes it's nice to just talk to someone to confirm if something is possible. Whether that be talking on the phone, via online chat or a support ticket, you know there is a human at the other end, understanding your question and helping you along the way

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