Companies List in the UK

Companies list of registered companies, recently formed within the last 24 hours.

Companies List in the UK

Getting a companies list of UK registered companies is an ideal way to carry out B2B marketing. If your service relies on getting to a new business before anyone else, waiting for an email address or telephone number will mean they will have likely sourced their service from elsewhere.

  • Accountants, book keepers etc
  • Internet hosting, email and web site design
  • Letterheads and business cards
  • Virtual office services
  • Telephony services
  • Office furniture
  • Credit card processing etc

So, how recent is the data ?

We currently receive company details from Companies House every morning for the previous working day (effectively Tuesday to Saturday), so you can literally write to a company within 24 hours of the company being formed.

How much is the data ?

Just 15p+VAT per record, with a minimum purchase of 100 records, so minimum purchase price of just £15+VAT.

What data do I get ?

You receive the registered office address, the company name, a named director, some other director details, and industry classifications (business category). Email address and telephone number are not part of the company formation process.

How can I filter the data?

There are usually over 2500 companies formed EVERY DAY in the UK. Most people want to filter it to select a few hundred or a few thousand companies over a period of time. You can filter geographically - such as a 20 mile radius from your office, and you can filter based on business category - such as selecting hotels and restaurants only. We can also filter the data to exclude mail forwarding services that some companies will use

I don't know what to do. Can you help ?

Yes certainly. Drop us a chat request if its during a working day, or send an email to and we can schedule a call with you

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