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Newly Formed Companies…

Newly formed companies are prime candidates for particular services. Companies that are newly registered, need services like:

  • Accountants, book keepers etc
  • Internet hosting, email and web site design
  • Letterheads and business cards
  • Virtual or physical office services
  • Telephony services
  • Office furniture
  • Insurances, credit card processing etc

Whilst that list certainly isn’t comprehensive, there are many services where a newly formed company is a good place to start for your marketing.

So, how do you find out about these companies?

All limited companies have to be registered with Companies House, the registrar of companies in the UK. Certain information, including the company name and the “registered office” address are in the public domain – you can see it free of charge yourself, by going to the Companies House website and typing in the company name or registration number to see the address of the company.

However, the Companies House website doesn’t provide any kind of date of incorporation filtering – its either the company name or company number you search by and they certainly do not provide a multiple record export service.

The solution

We provide daily, weekly and pay as you go services and more importantly, we provide geographic and date of incorporation filtering. You are likely not to be interested in a company in Newcastle if you are an accountant in Southampton so you can filter companies to within for example a 25 mile radius of your office or based on part of the postcode they registered with. This means you can provide local services to local people. Of course, we can still provide you with every company that gets formed every day across England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (usually over 2000 companies per day) and you can get them daily or weekly according to your needs.

OK, so what do I get, or more importantly, what don’t I get?

Newly Formed Companies data is ultimately sourced through Companies House when a company files for registration so any data provided has to come from that initial application. We provide a directors first name and surname (The Mr / Mrs status is not a requirement on a company incorporation but where it is provided, we supply it), the company name, the registered office address and postcode and any categories the company considers itself to be in (Standard Industrial Classification codes). Concerned that maybe the registered office address is at an accountants or mail forwarding company? Don't worry, we can filter most of these out for you

If you are looking for an email address or telephone number however, these are not part of the company registration process and so no company can provide these details for newly formed companies because they don't exist. If you want these, you have to speak to marketing companies who retrieve details from credit account applications or questionnaires over the course of 12 or 18 months once they have started trading - however with GDPR that practice may soon stop anyway.

A company has to legally receive post to their registered office address, whereas contact via email or telephone is very likely to break GDPR rules. Postal options allow potential customers to read your literature at their leisure and can be far cheaper than targeting local newspaper adverts or pay-per-click advertising on search engines. Concerned about the mailing preference service? The address we provide is the registered office address. This is the address on public record for the company. Even if the address is on the mailing preference service register, company post has to legally be received at the address provided on the register.


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