Covid 19

Covid and the climate emergency

Covid, Carbon Emissions and Working From Home

8th December 2021

Covid has hit all of us hard since the start of 2020. The government have introduced various lockdowns and "work from home if you can" instructions and we have obviously abided by those whenever they have been in force. Given the climate change issues we all face and the comments that during the first lockdown when the streets were empty, so much less CO2 was pumped into the atmosphere, the notion of working from home, given the ongoing pandemic as well is a good one.

We are an internet based company, and in fact have been an internet company since the start of the world wide web in the early 1990's, and so of all of the businesses affected by the pandemic, we are best placed to be able to remote work as we can meet over Slack, Teams or Google Suite and use Slack messaging. Given the instruction on 8th December to go back to home working, this applies to everyone, but when this law changes, we will continue to remote work.

No changes will be noticed by yourselves. Phone numbers and emails stay the same, the person answering the phone will still be able to transfer you to the right person, you get the same courteous and helpful people on the phone, and whoever answers the phone will ensure it is a quiet, peaceful work place to take the call, however whilst our team have dedicated work rooms, you may occasionally hear either a doorbell or a distant dog bark and for this we apologise in advance, but if hearing a doorbell or a muffled dog bark once every now and then is the only downside to lowering carbon emissions and keeping people safe in the pandemic then we are happy.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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