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Why do I need cards?

Taking your website from an informational website to an ecommerce site can have a massive effect on your business. If you rely on customers to call up and place an order over the phone you can only take orders in your opening hours, unless you operate a 24 hour service with the costs that this entails. Converting your website into a method of payment means you can take orders 24x7 with no staffing issues

Only taking cheque and cash orders currently?

If you only take offline orders at the moment, you could be missing out. We've seen many businesses where this happens. Someone has (for example) rung up and enquired about getting 2 custom tyres for their vehicle only to be told to come in to the garage to make payment and then come back again a few days later when the custom tyres are in. The garage is then hoping the potential customer will take the trouble of coming in. If they paid while on the phone, its a guaranteed sale, or having a simple website with your products, prices and a "buy now" option converts them into a customer there and then

Already got a PDQ machine?

If you take card payments over the phone currently for services that you provide, using a "PDQ" machine (a device which allows you to punch card details in and get payment authorised) and you don't physically see the person and see the card being used, then you are carrying out a "Cardholder not present" transaction. The liability for fraudulent use of the card is on you. However if you have an online form so the customer can fill the details in themselves, you can make use of the online equivalent of chip and pin and now any fraudulent transactions are not down to you. If you are suffering chargebacks at the moment, you have to do something about it and there is a solution.

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