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Search engine optimisation

Unlocking top Google results for your website…FREE There are two roads (and trains of thought) to getting your website found in the search engines. The Long Road (Free Listings) is a process of Onpage and Offpage optimisation (explained below) to

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Data protection register

The Data Protection Act requires anyone who handles personal information to comply with a number of important principles. It also gives individuals rights over their personal information. Any company dealing with personal details of clients should be registered. Many people

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Five simple ways for startups to save money online

Businesses are constantly being told how to make more money online. Whether it’s social media marketing, search engine optimisation or launching the latest ecommerce behemoth, the internet is often seen as some sort of giant piggy bank waiting to be

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Money saving tips for startup businesses

via flickr creative commons (brother omara) If you are starting a business, especially now, it’s hugely important to keep a tight reign on expenses. Here are a few of our favourite money saving tips for startups: Use Free or Low

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Blogging your startup business

When it comes to business blogs, proponents have long pointed to more enquiries, improved visibility and growing reputation as signs that blogging was good for their businesses. Logically too, creating lots of new content gives search engines — and people

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Marketing your business for the internet generation

There is a generation of kids growing up that has never known a non-digital world. They’ve been called everything from Gen Y to digital natives – and connecting with them is simultaneously increasingly important for businesses and increasingly difficult. In

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Treat your customers right

Whilst this post relates to insurance policies, it applies to all types of yearly service charges At home recently,  I’ve had two renewal reminders. I won’t  mention company names, but one was a car breakdown company and one was insurance

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Creating good copy for the web

Your web designers will come up stunning graphics and beautiful artwork that make your website look amazing but it will only perform well for you if the wording is perfect. Your web designers do not know enough about your business

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How to increase your profit

In business, your profits are your reward for your endeavours. In fact, profitability is one of the essential measures of a business’ success. Profits are the very lifeblood of a business. They fuel growth, support the owners, provide for the

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Unlocking your potential

Deciding to start a business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Its not like any other job, its an enterprise, a challenge, an adventure and often a once in a lifetime decision. Unlike starting

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