Limited Company Startup

The decision to start your own business

Deciding to start a Limited Company is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. It’s not like any other job, it’s an enterprise, a challenge, an adventure and quite often a once in a lifetime decision.

Unlike starting a new job, there is a lot more pressure to succeed. The risks are greater – but if successful so are the rewards. Starting your own Limited Company is an exciting challenge that could be the key to unlocking the true potential in your life.
Work on the basis of giving people what they want and you have the beginnings of a profitable business. Once you are in business, many more opportunities to grow and develop will appear. Think of your business as a newly planted acorn – nurture it and it could grow into a mighty oak.
Business is all about problem solving, that’s why people are prepared to pay for goods and services. Learn the basics of managing and running a business – before you aim to ‘grow’. You must also be prepared to Live, breathe eat and sleep your business at the beginning. Business is a ‘Balancing Act’. Knowing what the customer wants, knowing you can deliver it, knowing what it costs etc. Your business needs to be watched very carefully, because things change all the time. If the balance is right you will make money – if it is wrong you will fail.

Starting your own Limited Company has many rewards:

  • Job Satisfaction – Delivering a good quality service to your customers – and doing it in your own way proves extremely satisfying
  • Achievement & Success – Making your business succeed will enable you to feel as tho you have achieved something worthwile in your life, whilst hopefully making you lots of money too.
  • Personal Development – The opportunities to grow and develop as a person are phenomenal. You will quite often be referred to as an entrepreneur.
  • Independence – Answerable only to yourself. To be your own boss, in charge of your own future is an extremely rewarding feeling. 

Without a doubt starting your own business is a very daunting – but extremely exciting experience. Hard work can equal fantastic results.


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