Newly Formed companies - Growing of rice category

Newly Formed Companies

Newly Formed companies - Growing of rice category

Growing of rice

Our Newly Formed marketing database is updated daily on the previous days company activity at Companies House to allow you to find new companies quickly and easily (whereas this categorised page of data counts is updated monthly). We provide the widest choice of filters available for Newly Formed Companies. And its not just Recently Formed companies - We have over 4 million companies - from new starters to companies over 100 years old, able to be filtered geographically or by category, but if you are looking to get in touch with companies within this category, the below table shows how many companies were added to the category, month by month over the last couple of years.

Date Companies Added
March 202462
February 20247
January 202410
December 202327
November 202327
October 20239
September 202310
August 202315
July 20234
June 20232
May 202314
April 20238
March 202311
February 202315
January 20237
December 20225
November 202210
October 202213
September 202213
August 20227
July 202216
June 202212
May 202212
April 202227
March 20228
February 202211
January 20224
December 202113
November 202115
October 202119
September 20213
August 20216
June 20212
May 20212
April 20212
March 20212

Give us a call on 01527 518 555 or click the button below to use our newly formed company wizard for getting free counts of lists of newly registered companies in the UK before deciding if you want to buy any data

Newly Formed Companies

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