Recently Formed Companies in the Stoke on Trent area

Stoke on Trent Recently Formed Companies

Recently Formed Companies in the Stoke on Trent area

Newly Formed Company Marketing

When a company is registered, its registered office address is the publicly visible location of the company and the company has to legally be able to receive post at this address. Over 2000 companies every day (sometimes over 3000) get formed. These are in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We analyse whether a registered office has a valid UK postcode that we can get grid co-ordinates for distance calculations and make sure the company has not closed down since it formed. Stoke on Trent has got 25,297 companies that are not closed and have a 'postable' address. That is 25,297 companies who may be interested in receiving your marketing message offering your services under the legitimate interest rules of GDPR (assuming you are marketing to companies who you feel have a potential interest in your services, either geographically or by category).

Stoke on Trent is made up of the following towns and villages

Our Recently Formed marketing database is updated daily on the previous days company activity at Companies House to allow you to find new companies quickly and easily. We provide the widest choice of filters available for Recently Formed Companies. And its not just Newly Formed companies - We have over 4 million companies - from new starters to companies over 100 years old, able to be filtered geographically or by category (where available), but if you are looking to get in touch with companies within the general Stoke on Trent area, here is a breakdown of how many companies have been recently formed in this area

Date Qty
Fri 23rd Aug '1910
Thu 22nd Aug '1917
Wed 21st Aug '198
Tue 20th Aug '1917
Mon 19th Aug '1925
Fri 16th Aug '1916
Thu 15th Aug '1914
Wed 14th Aug '1916
Tue 13th Aug '1911
Mon 12th Aug '1924
Fri 9th Aug '1911
Thu 8th Aug '1913
Wed 7th Aug '1919
Tue 6th Aug '1916
Mon 5th Aug '1915
Fri 2nd Aug '1920
Thu 1st Aug '1916
Wed 31st Jul '1914
Tue 30th Jul '1917
Mon 29th Jul '1913
Fri 26th Jul '1912
Thu 25th Jul '1913
Wed 24th Jul '1917
Tue 23rd Jul '1915
Mon 22nd Jul '1911
Fri 19th Jul '1920
Thu 18th Jul '1912
Wed 17th Jul '1924
Tue 16th Jul '1914
Mon 15th Jul '1916

We also look on a month by month basis to see how many new companies are in the area of Stoke on Trent. These figures show how many came onto the register in Stoke on Trent in that month (and are considered 'postable').

Date Qty
August 2019267
July 2019369
June 2019291
May 2019316
April 2019323
March 2019402
February 2019341
January 2019318
December 2018205
November 2018310
October 2018325
September 2018253

Give us a call on 01527 518 555 or click the button below to use our newly formed company wizard for getting free counts of lists of newly registered companies in the UK before deciding if you want to buy any data

Newly Formed Companies

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