Recently Formed companies, marketing database

Newly Formed Companies Across the UK

Recently Formed companies, marketing database

When a company is registered, its registered office address is the publicly visible location of the company and the company has to legally be able to receive post at this address. Over 2,000 companies every day (sometimes over 3,000) get formed in the UK. There are usually over 50,000 newly registered companies every month who may be interested in receiving your marketing message. If you are looking for a list of newly registered companies in the UK, then you've come to the right place. Many people are unsure how to find new businesses or where they can find new marketing lists. We hold the complete Companies House register of businesses, updated every day. The services we provide allow you to filter that list from the 4 million, or the 50-60,000 new companies every month and get it down to the few hundred or few thousand you are looking for.

As many customers are looking for geographical breakdown, here we analyse the regions of the UK based on the first letters of the postcode to give you a rough idea of quantities regionally. When you actually filter the data yourself in our wizard, you can select down to the district level such as B1, B2, B3 postcode districts. Simply click through to the relevant region to see some stats.

Postcode Description
ABAberdeen ( Scotland region)
ALSt. Albans ( East of England region)
BBirmingham ( West Midlands region)
BABath ( South West region)
BBBlackburn ( North West region)
BDBradford ( North West region)
BFBritish Forces ( Non-geographic region)
BHBournemouth ( South West region)
BLBolton ( North West region)
BNBrighton ( South East region)
BRBromley ( Greater London region)
BSBristol ( South West region)
BTBelfast ( Northern Ireland region)
BXNon-geographic ( Non-geographic region)
CACarlisle ( North West region)
CBCambridge ( East of England region)
CFCardiff ( Wales region)
CHChester ( North West region)
CMChelmsford ( East of England region)
COColchester ( East of England region)
CRCroydon ( Greater London region)
CTCanterbury ( South East region)
CVCoventry ( West Midlands region)
CWCrewe ( North West region)
DADartford ( Greater London region)
DDDundee ( Scotland region)
DEDerby ( East Midlands region)
DGDumfries ( Scotland region)
DHDurham ( North East region)
DLDarlington ( North East region)
DNDoncaster ( East Midlands region)
DTDorchester ( South West region)
DYDudley ( West Midlands region)
EEast London ( Greater London region)
ECEast Central London ( Greater London region)
EHEdinburgh ( Scotland region)
ENEnfield ( Greater London region)
EXExeter ( South West region)
FKFalkirk ( Scotland region)
FYBlackpool ( North West region)
GGlasgow ( Scotland region)
GLGloucester ( South West region)
GUGuilford ( South East region)
GYGuernsey ( Channel Islands region)
HAHarrow ( Greater London region)
HDHuddersfield ( North West region)
HGHarrogate ( North East region)
HPHemel Hempstead ( East of England region)
HRHereford ( West Midlands region)
HSOuter Hebrides ( Scotland region)
HUHull ( North East region)
HXHalifax ( North West region)
IGIlford ( Greater London region)
IMIsle of Man ( Isle of Man region)
IPIpswich ( East of England region)
IVInverness ( Scotland region)
JEJersey ( Channel Islands region)
KAKilmarnock ( Scotland region)
KTKingston upon Thames ( Greater London region)
KWKirkwall ( Scotland region)
KYKirkaldy ( Scotland region)
LLiverpool ( North West region)
LALancaster ( North West region)
LDLlandrindod Wells ( Wales region)
LELeicester ( East Midlands region)
LLLlandudno ( Wales region)
LNLincoln ( East Midlands region)
LSLeeds ( North East region)
LULuton ( East of England region)
MManchester ( North West region)
MEMedway ( South East region)
MKMilton Keynes ( South East region)
MLMotherwell ( Scotland region)
NNorth London ( Greater London region)
NENewcastle upon Tyne ( North East region)
NGNottingham ( East Midlands region)
NNNorthampton ( West Midlands region)
NPNewport ( Wales region)
NRNorwich ( East of England region)
NWNorth West London ( Greater London region)
OLOldham ( North West region)
OXOxford ( South East region)
PAPaisley ( Scotland region)
PEPeterborough ( East England region)
PHPerth ( Scotland region)
PLPlymouth ( South West region)
POPortsmouth ( South East region)
PRPreston ( North West region)
QCAwarding Bodies ( Non-geographic region)
RGReading ( South East region)
RHRedhill ( South East region)
RMRomford ( Greater London region)
SSheffield ( East Midlands region)
SASwansea ( Wales region)
SESouth East London ( Greater London region)
SGStevenage ( East of England region)
SKStockport ( North West region)
SLSlough ( South East region)
SMSutton ( Greater London region)
SNSwindon ( South West region)
SOSouthampton ( South East region)
SPSalisbury ( South West region)
SRSunderland ( North East region)
SSSouthend on Sea ( East of England region)
STStoke on Trent ( West Midlands region)
SWSouth West London ( Greater London region)
SYShrewsbury ( Wales region)
TATaunton ( South West region)
TDGalashiels ( Scotland region)
TFTelford ( West Midlands region)
TNTunbridge Wells ( South East region)
TQTorquay ( South West region)
TRTruro ( South West region)
TSCleveland ( North East region)
TWTwickenham ( Greater London region)
UBSouthall ( Greater London region)
WWest London ( Greater London region)
WAWarrington ( North West region)
WCWest Central London ( Greater London region)
WDWatford ( Greater London region)
WFWakefield ( North East region)
WNWigan ( North West region)
WRWorcester ( West Midlands region)
WSWalsall ( West Midlands region)
WVWolverhampton ( West Midlands region) returns ( Non-geographic region)
YOYork ( North East region)
ZEShetland ( Scotland region)

The monthly stats below show how many were formed in the month and also how many are "postable" - i.e they have a UK address with a valid postcode that we can analyse and they are not closed down.

Month Qty Formed Qty Postable
July 202440,05539,077
June 202461,10459,729
May 202460,14958,705
April 202498,06495,733
March 202480,14078,149
February 202480,69878,821
January 202485,33283,410
December 202363,26661,925
November 202375,12673,364
October 202377,49175,662
September 202375,60373,932
August 202372,90771,333
July 202372,30970,722
June 202370,39568,868
May 202376,59774,997
April 202366,83465,385
March 202383,30681,611
February 202371,17669,599
January 202369,33267,859
December 202250,14149,124
November 202267,63766,316
October 202267,83166,431
September 202265,39965,010
August 202267,55067,108
July 202262,34362,022
June 202266,39066,033
May 202269,90369,544
April 202266,30465,995
March 202277,41677,085
February 202265,66165,349
January 202263,79563,558
December 202152,65352,453
November 202165,16464,926
October 202162,58762,383
September 202163,65063,458
August 202157,91657,729
July 202158,55558,341
June 202160,96360,723
May 202163,93163,697
April 202167,68467,518
March 202179,24979,040
February 202169,73169,056
January 202164,54363,331
December 202059,25158,578
November 202069,16068,374
October 202075,16974,331
September 202073,16972,474
August 202068,47467,816
July 202080,84980,067
June 202077,14676,367
May 202058,50357,999
April 202041,77641,390
March 202054,73954,299
February 202058,13257,652
January 202058,38957,906
December 201943,23142,836
November 201952,65552,256
October 201961,40360,937
September 201956,50256,147
August 201954,00153,562
Newly Formed Companies

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